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Welcome to the World Championship of Legends (WCL), an exciting event that takes place from July 3 to July 18, 2024, on the vibrant pitches of Edgbaston Stadium in Birmingham. The biggest names in cricket join together for this explosive, high-octane T20 match: India, Pakistan, Australia, England, the West Indies, and South Africa. It’s a final reunion of the greats. Some of cricket’s greatest legends, including Yuvraj Singh, Brett Lee, Kevin Pietersen, Shahid Afridi, and Suresh Raina, will be back on the field for this thrilling event, which is set to take place at Birmingham’s Edgbaston Stadium in the summer of next year.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of cricket, redefined by the strategic vision of Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgn and presented by the esteemed Indian travel company, EaseMyTrip. Prepare for a series of unforgettable matches that will captivate the hearts of cricket fans worldwide.

World Championship of Legends - WCL 2024
WCL - Legends

History of the WCL

The World Championship of Legends (WCL) is an innovative T20 cricket league that was founded in 2024 with the ambitious goal of reuniting renowned cricketers on the pitch. The competition, held in Birmingham’s Edgbaston Stadium, draws on cricket’s rich heritage to provide an exciting experience for fans throughout the world. The lineup includes iconic players including as Yuvraj Singh, Shahid Afridi, Brett Lee, and Kevin Pietersen, who infuse the series with unparalleled skill and nostalgia.

The WCL, which is supported by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), is more than just a celebration of past successes; it is also a high-calibre competitive event that brings together teams from cricket powerhouses such as India, Pakistan and Australia. The event, sponsored by Bollywood star Ajay Devgn and hosted by EaseMyTrip, combines sports with entertainment, cementing its place as a one-of-a-kind and much awaited fixture in the international cricket calendar.

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League Sponsor

The World Championship of Legends (WCL) is supported by a number of well-known sponsors who contribute considerably to the tournament’s success and popularity. The league’s principal sponsor is EaseMyTrip, a well-known Indian travel business that helps promote the event and provide travel arrangements for teams and fans alike.

In addition to EaseMyTrip, the WCL has received sponsorship from a variety of other corporations across many industries, all of which want to associate themselves with the tournament’s nostalgic and cosmopolitan theme. These sponsors often include companies from the sports apparel, technology, and beverage industries, all of which want to exhibit their products and services to a global audience via the popular cricket platform.

The engagement of these sponsors not only improves the league’s operational capacities, but it also improves the entire fan experience by providing branded events, merchandising, and promotional activities that create a joyous atmosphere around games. This strategic collaboration between the WCL and its sponsors assures a long-term paradigm for organizing the event while increasing connection with cricket fans throughout the world.

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Harshit Tomar
Ajay Devgan

About the Owners

The World Championship of Legends (WCL) is co-founded and principally owned by Harshit Tomar, an entrepreneur with a deep passion for cricket and a vision to reinvigorate the sport by bringing legendary players back to the pitch. Tomar’s innovative concept for the WCL has successfully captured the imagination of fans worldwide, combining nostalgia with high-stakes T20 cricket.

Joining Tomar in this venture is Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgn, who serves not just as an investor but also as a key promoter for the league. Devgn’s involvement has been instrumental in elevating the profile of the WCL, leveraging his massive fan base and influence in the entertainment industry. Together, Tomar and Devgn’s collaboration forms a dynamic partnership that strategically bridges the worlds of sports and entertainment, ensuring the league’s appeal extends beyond traditional cricket fans to reach a global audience.

World Championship of Legends Cricket Teams 2024

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Upcoming WCL 2024 T20 High Intensity Clashes

WCL Fomat

The World Championship of Legends (WCL) uses a T20 format, which is a shorter and more energetic version of cricket that can be finished in around three hours, making it highly enticing to a global audience and appropriate for prime time television. This style is particularly popular because of its fast-paced, high-energy gaming, which provides fans with intense enjoyment.

The competition has six teams, each representing a major cricketing nation: India, Pakistan, Australia, England, the West Indies, and South Africa. These teams compete in a round-robin format, with each team playing every other team. The top four teams at the end of the round-robin round advance to the playoffs, which feature two semi-finals and a final to determine the champion. This structure not only optimizes the amount of interesting matches, but it also allows for a fair and competitive path to the final, guaranteeing that the greatest teams have the opportunity to compete for the crown.

T20 Format

About the Venues

The World Championship of Legends (WCL) will be held at the iconic Edgbaston Stadium in Birmingham, England. Edgbaston is one of the UK’s major cricket stadiums, known for its rich cricketing heritage and dynamic atmosphere. It can accommodate large crowds and enhances the experience with state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated audience.

In addition to Edgbaston, the tournament hopes to use additional well-known venues throughout England to broaden the event’s reach and influence. These sites were chosen for their superb facilities, accessibility, and history of hosting significant international cricket matches, all of which contribute to a successful and memorable tournament. By choosing such prominent venues, the WCL ensures that spectators enjoy not just the matches, but also the distinct atmospheres that these historic grounds bring to the sport.

NCC Stadium

New Sport Kits

The photo shoot presents the three competing teams, India, Australia, and the West Indies, each of which brings a distinct flair to the occasion with their unique sports kits. These kits’ eye-catching hues and creative designs not only draw attention to each team’s unique cultural background and identity, but they also raise fan anticipation and excitement levels. The teams’ eye-catching uniforms, which represent their pride and spirit of competition as they get ready to battle on the pitch, set the tone for an exciting competition that honors the sport and its diverse international participants.

Pakistan Champions Team Ambassador

The Pakistan Champions are overjoyed to have Momin Saqib as their official team representative for the World Championship of Legends (WCL) Cricket 2024. Momin Saqib is known for his ardent and enthusiastic support for cricket, and he adds a unique energy and dedication to the role, making him an ideal candidate to represent the Pakistan Champions.

Momin Saqib
Golden Media

Official Outdoor Partner

The World Championship of Legends (WCL) Cricket 2024 is pleased to introduce Golden Media as its Official Outdoor Partner in the United Kingdom. Golden Media, known for its expertise in producing amazing outdoor experiences, will improve the WCL event with high-quality infrastructure and services, ensuring fans enjoy a memorable and comfortable experience.

The partnership with Golden Media not only improves the fan experience, but it also provides considerable brand visibility and community participation opportunities for the organization. Fans visiting the WCL Cricket 2024 may expect to enjoy the matches in a well-organized and comfortable environment, due to Golden Media’s contributions.

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